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You're taking risks today, Sagittarius! An electric, sexy, transformative energy flows as sweet Venus makes a harmonious connection with rebel planet Uranus—anything can happen! A risk is taken in your love life. A new journey begins! Love and money planet Venus connects with your ruling planet Uranus today, dear Aquarius. Make time to sit with the heavy emotions you've been carrying—a breakthrough in these themes may arrive!

Darling Venus makes an easy connection with electric Uranus today, inspiring spontaneity and bringing plenty of fun and excitement to your social life! It's a wonderful time to meet new people and share ideas. You're breaking out of a rut! An unexpected gift comes your way as lovely Venus makes a harmonious connection with the planet of surprises, Uranus. You're feeling encouraged to be your spontaneous self, Aries!

Risks are taken, and you're excited about the changes taking place around you.

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  • Your ruling planet Venus mingles with wildcard Uranus today, bringing an unexpected dose of fun, romance, and creative inspiration your way! Treat yourself to a totally new experience. Challenge the part of you that gets stuck in ruts—you will be pleasantly surprised. You love to be kept guessing, Gemini, and today's easy connection between sweet Venus and wildcard Uranus brings fun your way, freeing you from an emotionally heavy situation.

    Daily Horoscope: November 25th to November 26th

    Your intuition gets a big boost at this time. You crave security, but you're always open to change, Cancer. Like your ruler the moon's shifting form—new to full each month—you like transformation in your life on a regular basis, and it arrives in a fun way in your social life as Venus mingles with Uranus today!

    You don't like to be pinned down, Leo, but you're extremely loyal—sometimes the only person holding you back is you. As Venus connects with Uranus today, free yourself up to explore.