Cancer daily horoscope december 28

There will be a powerful full moon in sensitive Cancer the following day, putting a spotlight on our professional life versus our emotional well being. Which reminds me, don't get too caught up in the holiday madness.

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The energy of Capricorn is responsible and righteous, but in the end, the full moon is a symbol of balance, and a reminder to nurture ourselves in the process. Last and certainly not least, the year is sure to leave with a bang, as warrior Mars will enter its home sign Aries on the night of New Year's Eve.

It's been real, stargazers. Good news: Your ruling planet Mars enters your sign at the end of the month, so you've got more than enough to look forward to. Meanwhile, the sun is traveling through your expansive ninth house of travel for the first half of the month, until it enters serious Capricorn on Dec. Your goals and dreams will manifest soon enough, Aries. Be patient.

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In fact, the full moon in Cancer the following day illuminates your domestic fourth house of family and emotional foundation, pushing you to re-evaluate your work life versus your personal life. Be gentle with yourself. This month will be intense. Your ruling planet slides back into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships on Dec. On a brighter note, however, the sun will enter Capricorn on Dec.

Feeling adventurous, Taurus? Who knows, you might grow the courage to meet your crush under the mistletoe after all. Which reminds me, the new moon in Sagittarius on Dec. Sultry new connection? Just make sure you're being honest with yourself in the process. Good news first: Your ruling planet goes direct on Dec. So much so, the new moon in Sagittarius the following day, might be everything you need to start again. This lunation is expansive, lucky, and swirling with opportunities, in regards to your partnerships. Don't let this energy go to waste.

Speaking of which, the sun will be traveling through this area of your chart for the first half of the month, which is even better for you. On Dec. Make sure you leave things in the past before the new year, Gemini. First thing's first: There's a powerful full moon in your sign this month, so chances are, you're already starting to feel the emotional build-up. Alright, let's rewind.

Cancer Weekly Sidereal Astrology Horoscope: December 28th to January 3rd 2015

There will be a new moon in Sagittarius on Dec. This is great energy for your mind and body; plus, Jupiter is here, too! On another note, the sun leaves jovial Sagittarius and slides into serious Capricorn on Dec. Let's just say you've burned a few bridges this year, and that's totally fine. However, Capricorn is your polar opposite sign, and this energy can feel a bit ruthless.

Speaking of, the full moon in your sign on Dec. Stay strong, Cancer. You are all things festive this month, Leo. It doesn't surprise me, considering the sun is traveling through your sister sign Sagittarius for the first half of the month, bringing energy and vitality to your flirtatious fifth house of romance, creativity, and playtime.

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Jupiter is here as well, so don't let this energy pass you by. The new moon in Sagittarius on Dec. The sun slides into Capricorn, and your sixth house of responsibility on Dec. Lastly, there will be a powerful full moon in Cancer the following day, shaking up your secretive 12th house of dreams.

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Emotional closure? They will be put out of balance and will probably have to revise their opinions about you. This element of surprise can provide you with a much needed edge. Be sure to utilize this to the fullest extent. You are feeling irritable and rather ill used because of stomach problems.

Horoscope December 28, 2018: Here's the daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign

But you need to realize that eating indiscriminately is the root of all your physical problems which is leading to this feeling of mental stress. You need to control your diet, but will probably find it very difficult to do so. Get in touch with a dieting buddy. Support of another person can better help you through this situation. You have become too used to dealing with your problems by yourself, but you will find that sharing them with your partner can be very helpful. He or she is going to be supportive and can even offer you practical help.

Plus, you're only human, which means you can only do so much. But you'll find that keeping an eye on the little things improves the overall picture. If you have a reputation as a perfectionist, it's probably due to days like today, when your analytical mind is especially keen. You won't let a single detail slip by you.

That outlook would drive some people crazy. In your case, it's just how you are -- logical, focused and with high expectations. Still, keep a sense of practicality about you. That way, you can set your standards to a high yet reasonable limit.

Be realistic today about your limits, plans and abilities. It's important to aim high under the current influence, but not so high that your goals are unattainable. That would just lead to feelings of disappointment in yourself. Being realistic from the start keeps your efforts in line with how much you can actually, reasonably accomplish, and it allows you to be human.

If you need assistance, for example, ask for it.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

You're security-minded by nature, and today peace of mind comes from focus and work. Take your tasks seriously, even if they're minor or tedious. A concentrated effort yields great results now, and a serious outlook is favoured. This shouldn't be difficult to live up to, since currently you're more analytical than usual.

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Given your love of uncovering what was previously hidden, you could get quite absorbed in some pursuit today. Today, stick to real-world issues and concerns. You have a tendency toward philosophical, idealistic thinking, which is important, to be sure.

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But on a day like this, there's a lot to consider in the realm of reality -- your life as it actually is. Pay attention to the systems and routines of your daily life. Take it on as a personal challenge to become an efficiency expert, and make workable plans and improvements. A reserved mood settles in today.